What is Point-Of-Sale?

Point-of-sale (usually referred to as POS) is the place where your customers pay you for products and services. It’s the combination of software and hardware necessary to complete a transaction.
With a POS system, you and your employees will be able to handle every step necessary to complete a transaction with a customer – from adding a product or service and telling the customer how much their order will be, to accepting the payment or issuing a refund (if necessary).

Point of Sales Products

Fiscal Printers

For the Approved 4104/97 AFIP-DGI, Requeired to all "Responsables Inscriptos" on TAX (IVA) to inlude Tax Printers.

ITR Official support: Grupo Hasar / Epson / Samsung / SAM4S

IPOINT software

IPOINT POS ( Software PoS for SMBs ) was designed to meet the needs of all retail stores that require a flexible, easy to install and intuitive to use and learn.

The IPOINT system is the perfect solution for small businesses and small companies needing a solution for point of sale and merchandise management.

This system based on Windows graphical environment, with database engine license free resolves beyond the requirements according to the latest billing rules, the possibility of controlling stock of merchandise, inventory and customer accounts .
In addition to this fully automated facility, the excellent graphical interface and documentation that enable the user to immediately begin operating the system and its low cost, make a product IPOINT elected by the majority of small businesses seeking general classes of control business beyond just billing.

The system is compatible with the entire line of printers Hasar tax and EPSON TMU-220AF.

Gestion-Ventas - Electronic Invoicing

Ventas gives you the opportunity to comply with regulations, issuing electronic invoices through direct communication with webservices AFIP, no extra costs

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ITR Oficial Service Hasar / Epson / samsung / Sam4S / IPOINT

We offer Oficial Service for Tax Printers and Retail Hardware

ITR, direct distributions of Originals Supplies (Ribbons & Cartridges)


    ITR participate as distributors of EPSON VAR MEETING ROSARIO - October 2017


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