Escanner and Barcode Reader


Tackle tasks and streamline service

KODAK SCANMATE i1150 Scanners, with their quick, whisper-quiet operation and compact, space-saving design, are the perfect office mates to help you take on a wide variety of tasks. They perform especially well in face-to-face customer transactions. The SCANMATE i1150 can handle everything from standard documents to IDs and hard cards, which means you can capture information quickly and efficiently. In addition, integration with other software and systems lets you share data with ease. SCANMATE i1150 Scanners are the ideal choice for medical office registration desks, bank teller use, state and municipal government offices, and insurance agencies.
Speed interactions
Transaction mode lets you capture the first 10 documents in a stack up to 33% faster before the scanner returns to normal scanning. Efficient transactions lead to happy customers.
Work smarter and leaner
Integration with other software and systems, easy to use Smart Touch technology and built-in barcode reading, means your scanner can send information to the right places and people easily and complete common tasks with the push of a button, freeing you up to focus on other projects.
A true team player
KODAK SCANMATE i1150 Scanners integrate seamlessly into a wide range of environments, including WINDOWS, MAC, and LINUX operating systems. They also provide TWAIN, ISIS, and LINUX driver capability with business applications.
Performance driven
Increase efficiency and boost productivity with features like:
Perfect Page technology for enhanced images
Intelligent Document Protection to prevent jams and damage to originals
KODAK Capture Pro Software for capturing and indexing critical data
Convenient card holder for keeping materials organized

Productivity. Assured.
Capitalize on your investment and ensure that your KODAK SCANMATE i1150 meets your evolving business needs for years to come with our worry-free warranty and full spectrum of essential services, from installation to support.


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